Studio P+P is a London-based designer Polina Dyer who has over ten year’s expertise in creative direction, visual identity developing and branding for various scales of businesses. Crafted to drive businesses connected with the ‘high end market’- Real Estate, Fashion, Beauty, Design and Art.

Polina creates intelligent design solutions, which are bespoke to each clients’ personality, be it experimental or minimal. This is achieved using an accurate, methodical approach with every aspect of the project in mind from content to aesthetic.

Studio P+P creative in several media fields including:

+ Creative Direction
+ Branding Concept Development
+ Visual Identity Development
+ Exhibition Design
+ Editorial Design
+ Web Design

International Visual Identity Award
(Melissa Tofton Leather)
Best Brand Awards
Runner Up
International Design Award
(London Paris Books)
Coloring Your Brand
Dopress Books
(Avant Garde)

It’s nice That
Creative Review
The Greek Foundation
Design Inspiration

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